A Minimal, Filesystem-Backed Pastebin
 1. Create a paste
   $ curl -d "some content" paste.swurl.xyz

 2. Create a paste with a custom path
  $ curl -d "some content" paste.swurl.xyz/some-content

 3. Deleting a paste
   $ TMP=$(mktemp)
   $ LINK=$(curl -sS paste.swurl.xyz -d "some content" -D $TMP)
   $ # Paste created, headers stored in temp file
   $ DEL=$(cat $TMP | grep -i delete-with | awk '{print$2}'| tr -d '\r')
   $ # Gets the deletion key, in the 'X-Delete-With' header
   $ curl $LINK
   some content
   $ curl $LINK -X DELETE -d $DEL
   $ curl $LINK
   Not found
   $ # Paste has been deleted